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Product Name or Ingredient

Clinically Studied BCM-95® Curcumin

Terry Lemerond, our president and founder, says, “If I could only take one item to improve my health it would be curcumin. In my 45 years of studying health-related research, I have not seen anything that can match the benefits of this powerful herb from India.” 

Indian Solid Gold
Dried and powdered turmeric has been used in India as both a spice and a medicine for centuries. The benefits of turmeric are due to a powerful active compound called curcumin. But, a typical turmeric root only contains about 2-5% curcumin, so taking an unstandardized, powdered turmeric root product means that very large amounts would be required to get a beneficial amount of curcumin. By extracting curcumin from turmeric, we have an even more powerful all natural ingredient. 

Problems with Standard Turmeric/Curcumin

Standard turmeric/curcumin extracts in the past have promised much, but delivered little.

• Only 2-5% of the spice turmeric is curcumin
• Curcumin extracts are very poorly absorbed
• Retention time in the blood is very short, which limits its ability to have greater impact

The BCM-95® Difference: EuroMedica’s High Absorption Curcumin

Standard curcumin’s absorption is poor. Therefore, early clinical trials used dosages up to 10-12 grams daily (up to 24 capsules) in order to get even a small amount into the bloodstream. While no toxicity is associated with curcumin, even at these very high dosage levels, cost, comfort and compliance may be an issue. While new research has focused on approaches to improve curcumin’s absorption, BCM-95® features curcumin blended with turmeric essential oil—resulting in a natural substance that is superior to all other turmeric and curcumin products available.

Comparison testing has shown that this formula has up to 10 times better absorption and greater blood retention time (8-12 hours) at meaningful levels than standard 95% curcumin extracts.

To date, there have been 24 published studies on BCM-95® Curcumin, 11 of which are human clinical trials, on brain, immune, joint, and heart health, as well as absorption,retention, and supporting mood.*

More studies are underway in the U.S., Australia, and Asia for a variety of health concerns. Researchers cite their selection of BCM-95® Curcumin because of its absorption, retention, human safety profile, purity and use of only class 3, food-grade solvents in its extraction process. This is excellent news for anyone interested in providing integrative treatment with a high potency, proven botanical ingredient.

The Truth & Value of Curcumin

As a healthcare practitioner, you want to provide your patients with the most effective, clinically-proven curcumin available. But do you know how much curcumin is present in the product you are prescribing? CuraPro discloses its curcumin content for practitioners who want to dose accurately and effectively.

Ethically Harvested

Turmeric for BCM-95® is purchased from the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee. This is a cooperative society that ensures farmers are paid reasonable, competitive prices for their crops. This cooperative also provides farmers with information related to new farming techniques and promotes government programs to encourage good agricultural practices.

Fair Practices: The people who plant, tend and harvest the turmeric crop for BCM-95® are independent local farmers. The Spice Board of India (a governmental agency) and the Agriculture Department aid the farmers in improving their farming and cultivation techniques.

Growing Methods: The farmers use natural fertilizers (animal manure), dig the turmeric roots and rhizomes, burn the leaves, and till the ash back into the soil as additional fertilizer. The work is done almost entirely by hand.

Harvest: The turmeric used to produce BCM-95® is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

Testing: Incoming raw material is regularly analyzed for contaminants (including heavy metals), in addition to other parameters such as curcumin content, moisture, etc. Potency is also verified after extraction and blending with turmeric essential oils.


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† Occasional muscle pain due to exercise and overuse.
†In blood GSH/GSSG ratio
French Patent #FR2972327